Coaches Corner

Hello All New and Returning Coaches and Team Parents.

We have partnered with the National Center for Safety Initiatives, and every volunteer is required to complete a background check. The fee for this 2-year service is $16.25 per volunteer (You can pay online with your visa or Debit Card). You can access that link by clicking the Complete Background Check Online or the link labeled NCSI. You will need to complete this step before you can interact with the youth of the Fairburn Athletic Association.


(If you completed this step last year, and were cleared…please check with Dr. Parks to see if you are cleared for this year.)

Simply go to and click on “Start Your Background Check Screening Now” on the left side of the webpage.
Complete three easy steps:

Step 1: Enter Self Registration Number:


Step 2: Enter Your Information as Requested
Step 3: Provide Legal Authorization and Certification

The Red or Green Light will be Sent to Fairburn Athletic Association.

Forms to be completed by Coaching Staff (including Team Manager)

Coaches just as a friendly reminder, each coach is required to complete the USA Coaches Clinic.

Click Here
Click Here


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